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Our Latest Reviews

Kevindanielkinsella 1 day ago


I especially like the shrimp tacos with the honey chipotle salsa. It's fresh, tasty, and by ordering online i don't have to wait (and use precious minutes of my lunch hour on anything that isn't me eating tacos.)

Leahgriffin2010 6 days ago


This is the only breakfast burrito in town that I'll eat. Also the carnitas are absolutely incredible, very satisfying if you're looking for a good ol' greasy pork taco <3

Choicemeat 21 days ago


Vegan friendly A++ and price is right

Michaelxbarakat 22 days ago


I get the taquitos every time I go there. Very good

Agoldenberg 6 days ago


Whether it's in a bowl, burrito, or tostada, I love the soy chorizo filling! Delicious! Especially with the white beans! Salsa Negra, Honey Chipotle, and Pico de Gallo salsas are all great, depending on my mood. Hugo's is a family favorite stop for sure!

Aldizzurp 13 days ago


The Taquitos were so delicious! At first I was hesitant that this wasn't going to keep me full for lunch and was about to opt for the burrito I always get but I was definitely wrong! These taquitos pack in a lot of flavor and the avocado and beans put the cherry on top! Highly recommend!

Mikeybbooking 21 days ago


Taquitos are great I get them every time !

Thecameronking 22 days ago


I know it's called Hugo's Tacos and while everything on the menu is great, let's be real: the burritos are above and beyond that greatness. Hugo's burritos transcend Mexican food excellence to become the food of the gods. No one can ever credibly say healthy and clean eating can't be extremely delicious once they have feasted upon the burrito bliss that Hugo's creates. We mere mortals are not worthy of such divine sustenance yet somehow the benevolent creators in Hugo's kitchen have deemed us deserving of delicious and decadent burrito ambrosia. With so many filling and so many delicious sauces, I could happily eat Hugo's burritos every day for every meal and never tire of their extraordinary goodness. Magic inside a tortilla is what they are. So go on. Feast from the food of the gods. Feast upon burrito perfection. I'm pretty sure Hugo's burritos are the key to everlasting youth and good health. Do yourself a favor. Have you had your burrito today?