To our incredible supporters:

You’ve raised awareness and shared your belief that we can do better to protect each other and you’ve been heard across all media platforms. The original Hugo’s was built over 40 years ago on the premise of love and caring for one another. During this experience we found thousands of allies who are using their voices to make their communities better. Thank you for showing us that the ideals that started all of this for Hugo’s and Hugo's Tacos are still alive today.


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See the taco, eat the taco

Hugo's Tacos started in July of 2005 when we began to notice the incredible employee meals our cooks at Hugo's Restaurant were making. They took the flavors of Mexico and combined it with Hugo's Restaurant's cooking style, honed from 40 years of eclectic deliciousness: blending top-notch ingredients with "from-scratch" cooking in a stealthy healthy way. The fusion was so good, so flavorful and so different we had to create Hugo's Tacos to share it with you!

Our recipes come from a collection of taste memories that thread across the border into Mexico and back again, fusing ideas, ingredients and family history; recipes that were never fully written down before, but were passed from family member to family member, with each generation adding their own imprint. We honor that heritage and combine it with a commitment to sustainability and freshness that will appeal to every diet. 

Eat a little, eat a lot – when you're hungry, eat something that's authentically delicious!

Locations & Hours

Atwater Village location

Atwater Village
3300 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90039

11am - 9pm

Studio city location Studio City
4749 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA 91604

11am - 9pm  

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